Sport on TV. Clough v Revie confrontation - Part 2

Sport on TV. Clough v Revie confrontation – Part 2

1972-revie-bremner_1371159iI have had feedback from football fans too young to have been around when Brian Clough spent 44 days as manager of Leeds United. They had not previously seen the Yorkshire Television programme that brought together Brian Clough and Don Revie. It is a fascinating study in football management and a gripping piece of television.

I cannot imagine such a frank exchange taking place today between two high profile managers.

The inspirational men who employed me in TV, John Meade and John Wilford, worked hard to get Clough and Revie in the same studio. Persuasion, alcohol and money were involved. Years later they recalled to me how electrically charged the atmosphere was that day in studio 2 on Kirskstall Road, Leeds.

You have to have in mind that all the time Clough was in charge at Leeds, the players were calling on their former boss, Revie, to moan about how they were being treated. Revie was angry to hear of how his work was being unravelled by Clough and by the insults the former Derby County boss was throwing at Leeds players.

Revie was also furious with Leeds United Chairman Manny Cussins. Revie always maintained that he and the board had agreed senior player Johnny Giles would take over from him. That Cussins appointed a man who had previously consistently been so critical of Leeds United and their manager infuriated Revie. He never forgave Cussins for that.

Here is part two of the Brian Clough v Don Revie showdown.

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