Chelsea in a league of their own

Chelsea in a league of their own
Costa scores at Swansea

Costa scores at Swansea

Seeing Chelsea beat Swansea 5-0 away from home was akin to watching a practice match. Yes, Swansea self destructed and did so as early as the first minute. They brought a heavy defeat upon themselves.

But that must not detract from how brilliant Chelsea were. How superb Chelsea are right now.

While Jose Mourinho courts much press attention for the wrongs in the game, including the standard of refereeing, too many observers overlook what an excellent job he has done since returning from Spain. He called their win in Wales “perfect.”

Some Chelsea supporters grew bored of the style of play he favoured during his first reign as manager. I bet they’re not bored now.

A master of man management (unless your name is Iker Casillas or Sergio Ramos), Mourinho has made good players better. He has rejuvenated the likes of Eden Hazard and Cesc Fàbregas and has influential players such as Oscar, firing on all cylinders.

Even Liverpool supporters should enjoy watching Chelsea. Well, OK, that’s pushing it too far. But I want to see football played as a passing game and, in England as of this minute, no team does it better.

Costa 17 goals. Fàbregas 15 assists.

Costa 17 goals. Fàbregas 15 assists.

We have in our midst a very good football team. One capable of entertaining. Isn’t that what football is supposed to be? Entertainment.

More often than the media is willing to acknowledge, the Premier League is often anything but. There are Arsenal fans who want Arsene Wenger gone and would go back to the days of George Graham as manager and ‘boring, boring Arsenal.’ Why? Either because they’re daft or because they put winning titles ahead of entertainment.

There are Chelsea fans who recall the bad old days. Not just the grim experience that was going to Stamford Bridge in the mid to late seventies, when the football on the pitch was woeful and the conditions on the terraces worse. But also the most dedicated of Chelsea fans who regularly watched the team managed by Ian Porterfield in the early nineties – the seasons when I produced the in house videos for the club. When players like Robert Fleck and Mick Harford led the attack. Miserable days indeed.

Now Chelsea have Diego Costa scoring for fun and even goalscoring talents as André Schürle may be considered surplus to requirements.

Chelsea are a pleasure to watch. Any fan of football should look beyond allegiance to their own club and savour sublime football while we can.

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