VG TIPS behind the scenes with Channel 4, Part 1. Meet cameraman Adrian Camm

VG TIPS behind the scenes with Channel 4, Part 1. Meet cameraman Adrian Camm

Part 1. On Camera with Adrian Camm


Steady as he goes - Adrian Camm

Steady as he goes – Adrian Camm

Flights. Camera. Action.

Part 1 in my series of exclusive behind the scenes films with Channel 4 Racing centres on the man who captures the fabulous shots of the racehorses. The shots we viewers take for granted.

For 20 years Adrian Camm has operated the steadicam on Channel 4 Racing. Perhaps you’ve seen him walking backwards at a racetrack, filming a victorious horse on its way to the winners’ enclosure.

And, when watching football on TV, you will likely have seen steadicam operators running along the touchline.

But what is a steadicam? How does it work? How does Adrian manage to get such great shots of the horses without the camera wobbling or him falling over?

I think the action shots from Channel 4 Racing are the best ever seen on live televised racing programmes and Adrian Camm plays a big part in ensuring viewers see the horses up close.

He’s a great cameraman and an even better talker.

Here he is talking to me at Newbury racecourse on Hennessy Gold Cup day in 2015.


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