Celebrate the Racing Post

Celebrate the Racing Post

vg tips praises the racing post newspaper I have seen quite a few fellow fans of racing bemoaning the rising cost of the Racing Post newspaper. I understand why. But I also understand the pressures print journalism is under.

We need to celebrate the fact that the UK has such a good quality, daily newspaper that covers racing so well. And not just racing but other sports such as football and greyhound racing.

I shall be frank with you. I don’t know how Editor Bruce Millington and his team does it. Produce such a quality read that is.

I am told it costs an arm and a leg to advertise in the paper. Of that I have no idea. But I do know something about what it costs to run such a newspaper and advertising costs play a critical role in keeping such publications alive.

In the week when the Daily Telegraph and The Sun have announced they are putting much content behind a pay wall, we all need to get realistic when it comes to the future of printed newspapers.

A long term employee of the Guardian tells me that, at most, the newspaper has two years left as a printed newspaper. I feel sure that paper will be online only in due course and you’ll have to pay for it there.

Those who love racing and other sport in the UK do take the existence of the Racing Post for granted. So, when you enter the newsagents and discover that the cost price has gone up once more, you go on Twitter to complain.

But you really shouldn’t.

racing post reader Try living without the Racing Post. Then you’ll appreciate the quality journalism it offers.

Frankly I’d pay over £2 a day to read the poetry of Alastair Down alone.

Many of the features are superb. The interviews with those in the sport almost always tell me something I didn’t previously know.
More often than not the editorials from Bruce Millington are incisive and he hits the nail on the head on a regular basis.

I pick my own tips and have, since 1998, made an annual profit from punting based ultimately on my thoughts alone. But I appreciate the statistics, form guides and analysis the paper offers both on racing and football.

The photographs of award winning Edward Whittaker are often breathtaking. And, for such a young man, the words of Lee Mottershead are so perceptive.

I much prefer handling a copy of the Racing Post than reading that or any other publication online. But then I come from a print journalism background. I actually miss the days when I worked in Fleet Street in the late seventies and went home each night with newsprint on my hands.

Next time you think about complaining about the price you pay for the Racing Post, think again.

Quality journalism is worth paying for and the rising costs of printing a newspaper should not be underestimated.

We are all guilty of taking things we like for granted. Myself included.

The Racing Post is one of those publications we can choose to complain about. Or we can take a few minutes out to appreciate the depth and breadth of content on offer.

And be sure of this.

We’ll all miss it were it not there.

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  1. Graham 8 years ago


    As somebody who has worked in the publishing business, I can tell you that rising prices as circulation declines is the most counter-intuitive business plan an editor can do.

    I agree with you as far as paying a premium for Alistair Down, the man is a poet. However, the other 40,50+ pages of dross is nothing more than, as Paul Haigh stated, “Nothing more than a cheerleading tipsheet”. I couldn’t agree more.

    If the journalists at the post stuck to the news and left the rest to its readers it would be an all-round better read. If they were that good at finding winners, they wouldn’t be journalists, of that I’m sure.

    Now with the increase in competition, I for one cannot wait for the post to succumb to it. A paper of yesteryear.

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