Geoff Banks New Year message 2017 - Part 1

Geoff Banks New Year message 2017 – Part 1

He’s never short of an opinion. Independent bookmaker Geoff Banks always makes for an interesting listen. You may not agree with anything or everything he has to say, but you should listen to him nonetheless.

You may call Geoff Banks a marmite figure. Somehow I doubt he’s ever tasted the stuff.

Geoff Banks is that rare beast in the industry. He speaks truth to power. He calls a spade a shovel. He says it as he sees it from what was once the heart of the industry, the betting ring.

In part 1 of our annual conversation for the beginning of 2017, he tells me that we punters have “never had it so good.” Really? Is he having a laugh? At a time when the big online bookies have never been meaner, how can this be true?

He says that some of those big High Street bookies will disappear. When and why so?

And, among other aspects we discuss that are at the heart of racing and betting these days, he addresses the issue of the very best horses being owned by such a small number of owners. In particular he says that Rich Ricci is a “destructive” force in racing today.

And this is only part 1


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