Bobby Moore and a must see film celebrating his life and career

Bobby Moore and a must see film celebrating his life and career
bobby moore held aloft as england win the world cup in 1966

Bobby Moore – a childhood hero.

Those of us old enough to remember watching England win the World Cup in the summer of 1966 are pinching ourselves. It’s fifty years since Bobby Moore lifted the Jules Rimet trophy.

Moore was not only one of the best defenders in the history of the game. He was a hero – at least to my age group. He was the glamorous, good looking pin up boy of English football.

But once he had retired from English football, the FA did not employ him in a role that befitted his experience, knowledge and profile. They “shunned” him.

That’s the word used by Matt Lorenzo. He’s produced a sumptuous movie about Bobby Moore which will be released this year. Here Matt tells me about the film and more about his friend, Bobby Moore.


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