Remembering Bobby Moore with his friend, Matt Lorenzo

Bobby Moore remembered. The fact and the fiction

Born on April 12th in 1941, Bobby Moore was an iconic figure of the 1960’s. The last England footballer to lift the Jules Rimet Trophy.

Moore led England to glory when winning the 1966 World Cup at Germany.

His lifelong friend Matt Lorenzo made an excellent factual film about Bobby’s life. He secured interviews with both his wives, with Pele, Wayne Rooney and many others who pay tribute to the classy footballer and man who I got to know in his later years.

bobby moore held aloft as england win the world cup in 1966

Bobby Moore – a childhood hero

I prefer fact to fiction and the Bobby Moore movie produced by Matt Lorenzo is available on DVD. It’s a must buy for any football fan, regardless of your age.

In this 10 minute interview I talk with Matt Lorenzo about his friend Bobby Moore and ask why he was never hired by the Football Association or to manage a big football club.


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