Bobby Moore remembered

Bobby Moore remembered


moore-pele_1479603cI could never have imagined as I watched the World Cup of 1966 that I would one not only meet, but work with my schoolboy hero, Bobby Moore.

But I did.

In those days you didn’t have to support the league club a player appeared for in order to have the image of that player on your bedroom wall.
At school we were proud to support England and swapped Panini stickers and Esso shell coins.

I am so glad that, aged 8, I was alive to watch Bobby Moore lift the Jules Rimet trophy at Wembley. The family gathered around our black and white television set to watch England beat Germany 4-2. Well, apart from my mum. She came home from shopping on Hounslow High Street to report that it was the quietest she had ever seen C & A.

Four years later, at the perfect age of 12, I watched Bobby Moore up against Pele. Mexico 1970 was the best World Cup of my lifetime. Brazil far and away the best team to play in a World Cup and Pele the greatest player of all time.

But we had our own home grown hero. Bobby Moore made some unbelievably well timed tackles. Snatching the ball from the feet of Pele and distributing the ball with ease.

The image of Bobby Moore and Pele hugging each other post match lives on and was the true spirit of world football back then.

It’s twenty one years since Bobby died. In the years immediately prior to his untimely passing from cancer, I had the pleasure of working a little in the company of the man. I had to pinch myself. He was as classy in life as he was on the pitch.

But I could never have known the man as well as the seasoned sports journalist, and prolific author, Norman Giller. He was in the press box for the 1966 and 1970 World Cups and got to know Bobby Moore well.

Norman has written a book about the man and all profits go to the Bobby Moore Fund.

Soon you’ll be able to see my at length interview with Norman. We cover all manner of sporting subjects. Talking to Norman is something I could do all day, every day.

But first here is a short video clip in which he remembers the gentleman who was Bobby Moore.


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