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Football and horse racing news, features, articles, videos and advice on how to bet better – all are available in the BLOG section of the VG Tips website.

Via the BLOG, anyone can read the FREE content, including reviews of profitable betting tips and anyone can watch on camera interviews with names from the world of sport.

My long career associated with sport saw me work in Fleet Street in the 70’s and for all the major UK television broadcasters between 1980 until 2005. Since 1998 I’ve been a profitable punter, finishing each and every year in front of the bookmaker.

Betting on horse racing and football is not for everyone, but members of VG Tips enjoy being part of my long established service. Many of them have been with me for decades.

The BLOG exists for them and for anyone else to visit. Members and non members alike. Read my features and feel free to comment.

There are BLOG dropdown boxes relating to Racing, Football, Results, Sportswriting, and also for my ‘How to Bet Better’ instructional video course.

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I update the VG Tips BLOG when I can. Most of my time is spent concentrating on studying form for horse racing and football. I offer analysis and betting tips for the 100 best days of racing in the UK and Ireland and I offer football analysis and betting tips for games played in all four division of the English league, for the Champions League, the bi-annual Euros and for the World Cup staged every four years.

Enjoy reading the content in the VG Tips BLOG.


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