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Football and horse racing news, features and advice about betting on sport from Vernon Grant, since 1998 a profitable punter who ends each year in front of the bookmaker. Anyone can read the articles and watch the videos on the blog, including my How to Bet Better video course.

Betting on horse racing and football is not for everyone, but members of VG Tips enjoyed being part of my selections service. Many of them have been with me for years. But the blog is there for non members and members alike. Read my articles and feel free to comment on the content.

There are dropdown boxes on the blog for Racing, Football, Results and parts 1-10 of my How to Bet Better instructional video course.

Vernon Grant has written for Fleet Street newspapers prior to producing television for 25 years, including for the BBC, Channel 4, ITV and Sky Sports.

He began betting professionally in 1998 since which time he has ended each year in profit.

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I update the VG Tips blog when I have the time. Most of my time is spent concentrating on studying form for horse racing and football. I offer analysis and betting tips for the 100 best days of racing in the UK and Ireland and I offer football analysis and betting tips for games played in all four division of the English league, for European competitions and the World Cup.

The articles in the blog are written by me and in the main cover the sports of racing and football. I write about football played in England, Spain and competitions such as the European Championships and World Cup. I write about horse racing in the UK and Ireland including interviews with jockeys, trainers, television presenters, actors, authors and a variety of names from the world of sport.



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