Bill Kenwright – a proper footballing man

Bill Kenwright – a proper footballing man

bill kenwright Over the years I have never understood why some Everton fans have wanted rid of their Chairman Bill Kenwright.

A proper football fan. A proper footballing man.

A man who has done wonders for Everton football club over many years.

That he and David Moyes have so often kept Everton in the top half of the Premier League for so long, on such a comparatively shoestring budget, is testament to the skills and devotion of the two men.

Kenwright has said that he will sell Everton to someone who can invest more in the club, but only when he is convinced the would be buyer will look after the club. He does not wan to sell out the Toffees to some distant, multi millionaire in the Middle East who will ensure the club comes unstuck.

How I would have loved for my own football club, Sheffield Wednesday, to have been so well cared for by one such man these past decades.

Bill Kenwright, a ‘Coronation Street’ actor when I was a boy, has not made his way in the world of business without being careful with his money. But I know he has invested personal sums in projects that the the state, or other men of wealth turned their backs on.

He is a successful businessman. He is a sensible businessman. He loves his football and he loves Everton.

But, as you can see from this speech he made on the 24th anniversary of the Hillsborough tragedy that killed 96 fans from across Stanley park; he loves the city of Liverpool.

The city, the game as a whole and Everton football fans in particular are lucky to have him.


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