Betting tips. You should get what you pay for. But free can also be good.

Betting tips. You should get what you pay for. But free can also be good.

There can be more than one way to beat the bookie. And there are good, honest people who can help you do so. Not just me via my well established VG Tips selection service. But also other wise and experienced fellow punters who offer their tips for free, often via social media.

No punter should put all their eggs in one basket. I always suggest those who want to bet better follow more than one trusted punter or tipster. Look upon it as a pic n’ mix approach. Get to know which people you trust. The more successful ones. The honest people. Those who admit to their mistakes as well as boasting of their successes. Whether they charge for a broad service that is about much more than tips, or simply a keen, proven punter who places their own bets or fancies on the likes of Twitter or a blog of their own.

It is the case that there are dodgy people out there. They are to be avoided. I am astonished at how much some people charge simply to have a couple of tips sent to you via text message. Or the number of telephone lines out there which charge so much per minute and end up costing the caller lots of money. The person operating the telephone line will waffle on for ages, so ensuring they make money from the call, only to perhaps offer one or two tips several costly minutes into the call. I would recommend you give those a wide birth.

But charging for a tipping service is not bad just so long as the service you receive is a good one. Following and taking advice from those who share their own bets for free is also good. Again, just so long as they know what they are doing. You can stop following or paying anyone at the click of a button.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Here are the one time words of another experienced punter, Matt, the man who calls himself ‘The Badman Tipster.’

He says: “Personally speaking, I don’t have or see any problem with tipsters that charge for their services at all. Some tip just for personal reasons, or as a hobby. Some have business purposes in mind. I respect it both ways.
“Those that tip for free choose to do so, nobody forces them to… punters need to note that there is no difference between the capabilities of what a Premium Tipster can do from what a free tipster does… the main target for protests needs to be focused towards the crooks – and not the premium tipsters.”

He’s right. For more years than I can remember, I have told people to follow other successful punters on Twitter. Wise people such as @Kris1179 He knows his racing and I would heartily recommend you follow him on Twitter and check out when he tweets his own bets there or via his blog. There are days when he and I end up tipping the same horses. They are usually good days. Sometimes our selections may vary. But what you can be sure of is that we have, in our own separate ways, done our research, have our own notebooks or trackers. Kris is especially good with his ante-post tips, often months ahead of race meetings. We each have our own strengths when it comes to tipping.

Clearly one difference is that, for me, it is a full time job of work. Hence subscribers to my VG Tips service receive very detailed analysis of race meetings and football fixtures. Because I have the time to do the homework my members do not have. Between 1998, when I began offering my betting tips while working as a producer of televised sport, and 2005, when VG Tips became my one and only line of work; I have been doing my best to show others how to beat the bookie each and every year.

Here are more comments from The Badman Tipster: “The only difference from my experience is that a premium tipster would have more pressure to deliver profit and would have better communication with their own punters. You may see Premium Tipsters being more organised and more professional obviously because they have more responsibilities. But that doesn’t mean a free tipster can’t deliver the same service.”

He’s right again. In past years I grew weary of seeing punters slagging each other off on social media. What at one time seemed a constant war of words. People pointing the finger at those who did charge for tips, without first taking into account if the person they were accusing of foul play was indeed any good at what they did.

Tiger Roll a 12/1 shot for the Grand National

I am of the firm belief that punters should stick together. Support each other. The bookie is our collective enemy. Not each other.

The Badman Tipster writes of his own experience: “I used to charge briefly until I decided to remove the fee. I charged £10 for unlimited access to my tips. I enjoyed the experience, despite the hatred. I received false accusations and so I decided to tip for free to prove my intentions. Then I received more false accusations whilst tipping for free…by the same people! It made me realise that they are just internet trolls. There is no point rising to it. Some people are always going to hate.”

He summarises his opinion as follows: “If someone wants to pay for a premium service, let them? People who pay for such services have earned their money and therefore should get to decide what they want to do with it.

“The only problem for me is not people that charge for services. It was those that charge for a service that is either unprofessional, wasn’t making a steady profit or offered poor customer service.”

The Profitable Punter and Richard Hughes, Champion Jockey 2012

Vernon at the home of ex champion jockey, now trainer, Richard Hughes

Spot on that man. I am proud to say that my long established service ticks all the right boxes. And it’s about more than tips. Members of VG Tips receive them via e-mail and in their own enclosure at the website. But they also receive detailed analysis and previews of race meetings and football fixtures. Ante-post features looking ahead to the best racing, such as the Cheltenham Festival. Also my exclusive on camera interviews with names from the world of sport, which members get to see first and in full.

What I offer is an ell encompassing, professional service. It’s just me operating the website, doing the form study, researching events ahead of time, speaking with contacts in racing and football, filming and editing the interviews that I conduct myself. All the while I am in constant personal contact with those who pay to be part of VG Tips on a monthly or annual basis. I am proud of the good relations I have with my lovely, loyal subscribers. More than anything, it is that which makes all the hard work I undertake worthwhile. And, yes, what I do is hard work. If you don’t believe me, give up the day job and do what I do full time. And although I have interviewed a couple of bookies on camera, there are no links to any bookies websites on my own. The only way I make money from bookies is from profitable bets.

What most people want to know are the details of my own betting tips. Some win only. Some each way bets. Favourite choices are my NAPS. And, on the football front, I pass on details of the accumulators I am having a bet on.

There’s no right or wrong way to offer tips. Just so long as the person knows what they are doing, they are worth following. Honesty is the best policy and there are countless honest people out there who know that we punters should stick together.

Be nice to each other and remember that the only mission, should you wish to accept it, is to beat the bookie. By whatever means.



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