Bets you wish you could have been on

Bets you wish you could have been on

ali v listonWe all have them.

Bets we missed out on. Maybe we got delayed in traffic. Or our internet connection went down. Maybe we simply forgot to put our money down. It happens.

Or perhaps we were too young to bet.

That was certainly the case 50 years ago when Cassius Clay became the new heavyweight champion of the world. He wasn’t expected to beat the bruiser that was Sonny Liston.

Clay was looked upon as a mouthy upstart. How could he possibly beat a man who had served time for robbery?

In America the bookies responded accordingly.

You could get odds of 7/1 ringside against Clay winning. Now there’s a bet we all must wish we had been on.


Tell me via the comments section: which bet do you most regret missing out on?

Late in 2013 I sat down for sports chat with a man whose scribblings I have admired for decades. Although we both worked in Fleet Street in the 70’s, I never met Norman Giller until last November.

I knew about the sports books he had written. Lots of them.

But I never knew that he had been employed to work for Muhammad Ali.

What was he? A driver? Did he write his gags? Surely he cannot have coached the greatest sportsman of all time.

All is revealed in this three minute chat with Norman – part 2 of the Norman Giller video diaries published on this site.


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