Bet better on horse racing and football. Part 2

Bet better on horse racing and football. Part 2

In 2018 I got around to editing parts 1-6 of my video course on how to bet better.

What YOU need to do if you want to beat the bookie at the end of each and every year.

It’s not easy to be a profitable punter. It took me time to learn how to make an annual profit betting on football and horse racing. But I’ve succeeded in doing so since 1998.

I try to pass on the lessons I have learned along the way. The ten commandments to follow that will see YOU finish a twelve month period in front of the bookie.

Soon I will be publishing parts 7-10 of my video course and also writing articles in support of those videos in which I will detail some vital rules of punting that will lead to you joining me on the path to annual profitable punting.

Here’s part 2 of my video course. Short sharp lessons in which I offer advice about what has worked for me when it comes to betting on sport. The only enemy of us punters is the bookie. So we must help each other deprive those men and women of the turf of some of that loot they carry around in their satchels. To take more money from them than we give to them.

If YOU want to become a profitable punter, subscribe to my video channel at YouTube and join VG Tips for one year for the currently cut price fee of £99 for detailed previews, analysis and betting tips throughout the year.


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