Become a lifetime member of VG Tips

Become a lifetime member of VG Tips

Some punters are in it for the long term. People like me. Now in my third decade of betting on sport, I know that to make an annual profit from betting on horse racing and/or football, you need to realise that punting is not a quick fix. You’re not going to become a millionaire overnight. But YOU too can become a profitable punter, making an extra income through having a flutter on sports you enjoy watching. For enjoy it you must. Otherwise don’t do it.

I have some subscribers to VG Tips who have signed up for a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP.

They realise that the longer you are in, the more you win. They want to finish each year ahead of the bookie, whether that’s by hundreds or thousands of pounds. They have the stamina of a four mile chaser. The energy of N’Golo Kante. They are in it for the long term and they know that a patient punter is a profitable punter.

I offer those people lifetime membership for only £500. It means that they will regularly receive from me betting tips on racing and football (and later in 2022, tennis), all year long, every year. Until such time as I get run over by a horse or a higher power chooses to cash me out! I have no plans to expire anytime soon.

I’ve been offering the benefit of my personal experience as a punter since 1998. The lessons I have learned. The mistakes I have made. The successes I have enjoyed. There is no so called secret formula to bet better. Whatever you may read elsewhere, there is no system that will guarantee you can tell the boss where to stuff the day job.

I base my success on research. On homework. On form study. On knowledge. On experience. On betting nous. On taking time to spot when the bookies may have got the odds wrong. It happens. Still. When the odds are in favour of the punter, not the greedy online bookie. They don’t make it easy for you these days, which is why it requires time and a keen eye to look out for potential profitable punts that I and my lovely, loyal members of VG Tips can capitalise on.

indefatigable a 50/1 winner

Indefatigable, the last of 7 Cheltenham Festival winners in 2020

At first sight, you may think £500 as a one off, forever payment is a lot of money. But look around. It really isn’t. It buys you a lifetime of betting tips, detailed analysis of race meetings and football fixtures, ante-post previews, betting advice on how and when to bet, and extras that are exclusive to VG Tips, such as on camera interviews with names from the world of sport.

Ben signed up two and a half years ago and seems happy. He writes: “I am so glad I signed up for life. It’s been a great investment and I long ago won back my membership fee of £500. Winners of the Grand National, lots of winners at the Cheltenham Festival and the 80/1 win on Nicolas T last summer. My favourite has to be that last race big win on Indefatigable at 50/1. I got on early, as Vernon suggested. But I went all in, not each way. I was at Cheltenham that year and it rounded off a great week of punting. What I appreciate most is Vernon’s honest approach. Like me, he can’t get it right every day but he’s also saved me money while helping me make some.”

That’s nice to hear. It’s helping others beat the bookie that pleases me more than my own winnings on any given day. It’s always reassuring to receive constructive feedback whether it’s from monthly members paying £12, annual subscribers paying £120 for 12 months of my service, or lifetime members like Ben who, once they have paid a one off fee of £475, can sit back and know they will be hearing from me every week of every year.

If you want to become a lifetime member, click on this link and scroll down to that option. Or choose another payment option. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be here bashing the bookie. Will you?



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