Arise Sir Anthony McCoy

Arise Sir Anthony McCoy
Sir Anthony Peter McCoy

Sir Anthony Peter McCoy

I’m often telling members of VG TIPS that patience is the most important characteristic when it comes to making an annual income from betting on sport. And I’ve just been paid out for one of the more patient bets of my career as a profitable punter.

On February 14th 2015 at 8.16am I placed a bet on jockey AP McCoy to be knighted in the honours list on December 31st. I have no idea why I did so that day, at that time. But I am glad I did.

At odds of 6/1 I have won my 10 month old bet on it to be Sir Anthony McCoy.

Congratulations to AP. An honour well earned (unlike some others I could mention!). Gongs are handed out to all sorts of political cronies these days. So when someone who has sacrificed so much to become successful in their sport across many years is honoured, it is something to celebrate.

Unlike at least one famous British sportsman of my acquaintance, AP will not be one of those people who insists on you calling him ‘Sir’ on meeting him. He’s far too humble for all that nonsense.

But it’s good for the sport of racing that his dedication has made the headlines.

Coming shortly to VG TIPS I will be offering you the chance to win a signed copy of AP’s latest book and the DVD film called ‘Being AP.’

One question, two great prizes.

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