The results are in and it’s another year of profitable punting at VG TIPS

The results are in and it’s another year of profitable punting at VG TIPS

It’s time for my end of year video report. Time for STATTOMAN, who independently monitors my annual results, to publish graphs! Watch the video, study the month by month results and see how much we profited in 2014.

I always stress to members how I base my results on returns between January and December.

The good news is that I, and therefore members who have stayed the distance, are once again in profit. For the 16th year running, we finish the year ahead of the bookie. Of the 12 months of 2014, VG TIPS showed a profit in nine months, and a loss in just three.

May was, as is often the case, the best month. I always seem to have a spring in my step at that time of the year! And the last month of the year, December, also provided good returns.

2014 stats

So all that remains is for me to wish you a Happy New Year. If you are already a member paying £10 a month, then please stay with me for 12 months.

And if you haven’t joined yet, take this opportunity to do so. Whether it is for yourself, or as a present for a loved one. You can either join for a month at at time and leave when you like (it’s up to you to cancel your Paypal payment).

Or you could save £20 over the course of a a year by signing up for 12 months at a cost of just £100. Remember, you receive regular and unlimited in number racing and football tips throughout the year.

Unlike a gym membership, you can enjoy being part of VG Tips while sat on your backside. And, unlike joining a gym, VG Tips will make you a profit, not cost you money and cause you pain!

The service is explained further in the 5 minute video below.

I look forward to welcoming you to the home of profitable punting.


 £3399.72 profit for 2013 

£2893.45 profit 2014

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