Alastair Down on Cheltenham Festival

Alastair Down on Cheltenham Festival
Alastair Down should stay on Channel 4 Racing

Alastair Down

Here is Alastair Down answering some questions about the upcoming Cheltenham festival. Those who watch racing on TV were annoyed when Channel 4 racing dropped Down from their new look team.

With viewing figures down, Channel 4 have now asked Alastair to return to the fold. He will only prepare and voice over the taped, on air previews of the races. But any Alastair is better than none. At least in my opinion.

Alastair Down is first and foremost a superb writer and journalist is the true, old fashioned sense of that once fine profession. But he also has a great eye when it comes to watching horses perform.

In another piece to camera he tells punters to keep their money in the pocket and simply watch Sprinter Sacre win.

In this piece he takes a couple of minutes to preview the Champion Hurdle and the chances of Hurricane Fly, Binocular and Rock on Ruby


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