Alan Shearer slams Newcastle players

Alan Shearer slams Newcastle players
Lazy, incompetent & not good enough. Newcastle players let down the manager and fans

Lazy, incompetent & not good enough. Newcastle players let down the manager and fans

It’s rare that Alan Shearer says anything of interest on ‘Match of the Day.’ But when he speaks about his beloved Newcastle United, he’s often got something to say of note.

So it was on Saturday night when he commented on the lamentable performance of Newcastle players as they lost 5-1 to a Crystal Palace side managed by the former Newcastle boss, Alan Pardew.

Shearer said of the lazy and, frankly, useless Newcastle side: “They’ve got too many Monday to Friday players who don’t want to be coached and aren’t good enough.”

No argument from me, writes Vernon Grant.

He went on to point the finger not just at certain players but also at those who signed them. The owner of Newcastle United, the deplorable Mike Ashley, has appointed people to sign footballers. Not managers, but other people. They have self important job titles, but no management experience. They do not know what they are doing. They have not a clue.

This isn’t the fault of Steve McClaren, a proven good coach. No doubt he’ll get the sack. That’s what unimaginative owners do. It’s what supporters are quick to demand. But neither McClaren nor Pardew before him are responsible for some of the awful signings made by the club. Footballers who don’t care a jot. Mercenaries who are simply using Newcastle as a way of getting into the country. And those not good enough to be of interest to the more worldly wise managers of Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal.

Fans demanded the head of Alan Pardew on a plate. They got what they asked for. His Crystal Palace now sit seventh in the Premier League.

As I am fond of saying to trigger happy football fans… be careful what you wish for. If Newcastle are relegated to the Championship, it will not be Alan Pardew who took you there. Nor, if you are honest with yourselves, Steve McClaren.

It will be Mike Ashley. It will be the players.

The problem was never Pardew. You got rid of the wrong man.


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