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I’m Vernon Grant

Follow me and beat the bookie
VG Tips – Profitable Punting Personified

After 25 years as a TV producer, for Sky, C4, ITV & BBC, including sports programmes
, I turned a hobby into a profitable occupation. Sports betting has provided me with an additional annual income since 1998 and allowed me, only 5 years later, to buy my first home in sunny southern Spain.

How do I work?

I do NOT believe in so called ‘systems’. I don’t listen to alleged inside info. I study the form of thoroughbred racehorses and football teams. I stand or fall by my own judgement.
What I DO believe in is research.

I do the homework so that you don’t have to.

Ask yourself…

Do you like the idea of ending each year ahead of the bookmaker? Would you like to become a fellow profitable punter? Could you do with learning how to bet better?

If the answers are ‘YES’ your next action is to click on the orange link below

I want to get WINNING tips!

Why pay for tips?

Good question. Why do I charge for VG Tips when there are other successful punters offering their tips for free?

Because at VG Tips you receive more than just the name of a horse or a football team. I pride myself on offering a much more detailed, extensive service.

I happen to believe the level of hard work I put in deserves remuneration. I ask you questions. Do you work hard? Do you do so for free? No, of course you don’t. So why should I?

The only enemy of the punter is the bookie and beating them is a team effort. I happily recommend fellow long term punters who offer their own tips for free. People whose own betting career path has been a winning one.

You should NOT put all your eggs in one basket.

What about luck?

Yes, all punters need luck from time to time.

But knowledge is power and I pass on my knowledge so that you, like me, can make an annual profit.



So what do you get?

* Regular ‘Something for the Weekend’ racing & football analysis and tips
* Midweek tips for feature meetings during the National Hunt and Flat season and for midweek football matches
* In depth racing and football analysis, selections and betting advice
* Video Diaries, including my on camera course on how to bet better
* FREE guidebook to The Art of Profitable Punting ‘A manual for better betting’
* Ante-post racing selections and pre-season football tips

More reasons to join VG Tips

 **VG Tips Members get to watch first and in full my exclusive on camera interviews with names from the world of horse racing and football, including stable visits to some of the top yards. In conversation with trainers, jockeys and owners.

A personal service. I value the members of VG Tips and communicate with them regularly.

**And the TRUTH. More on that later..





You have exclusive access to my sports betting tips…

Less is more.  Bet wisely. Targeted selections. Make an annual profit.

And there’s something else members receive. The truth.


When there is nothing worth betting on, I tell you that.


Yes, you read that correctly. Some days of the week you’ll receive nothing from me.

The biggest mistake people make is to bet too often. 

Bookies love that. Don’t do it!

I tell members to be selective, including with my tips. Read my detailed analysis. YOU decide if you fancy betting on a horse or football team. It’s YOUR money. NEVER bet with sums you cannot afford to lose. No punter wins every day. I won’t tell you that you MUST bet.  But I DO tell you when you should not.

Bet too often and you will lose overall. It’s akin to eating too many cream cakes. It’s not good for you!

Do as I do. Be patient. Wait for the right bet. That way you will ensure that YOU will beat the bookie each and every year. Just like me.

Patience is the path to profitable punting. Join me on that road. Together, let’s bash the bookie!


What the Bookies say

“Vernon started with a bank of just £20 with me and has been a royal pain ever since to my horse race traders! That he doesn’t bet daily is a blessing. With punters like Vern, I need to find another job. Click on the photo to place your bets with me, an independent bookie offering a more personal service.”

~ Geoff Banks, Bookmaker


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