8 winning football tips from 11

8 winning football tips from 11

Members of VG Tips enjoyed receiving from me 8 winning football tips from 11 selections this weekend.

The winning bets were:- Southampton 6/4, Grimsby Town 6/5, Liverpool 8/15, Middlesbrough 10/11, West Brom 5/6, Stoke City 5/6, Luton Town 4/6 and Manchester United at 8/13.

No surprise at that last one. Man Utd players were always going to perform better once freed from the shackles of the negative tactics employed by Jose Mourinho. Manchester United thrashed Cardiff 1-5.

Neither I nor any members of my long establised selection service bet with the type of sums United player Alexis Sanchez used to bet on Mourinho being sacked when he was. Sanchez says he bet fellow United player Marcos Rojo that their manager would be fired and that Rojo now owes him £20.000. They live in a world of their own, these modern day top flight footballers.

I’ll happily settle for eight winning single bets from 11 football tips.

Sanchez bet on mourinho sacking

At the beginning of this season we enjoyed a huge 35/1 winning accumulator. More recently I and my lovely and loyal subscribers were so unlucky when six of my teams in a magnificent seven acca won, only for Manchester City to lose at Chelsea.

This weekend I put City in an accumulator for only the second time this season. What did they do? Only lose for only the second time this season. The law of sod!

But as I am always advising members, accumulators should be looked upon as fun bets. If you played one every week of the season – and I don’t – more accas will fail than will win. But crucially, when they pay out, they pay out big.

Southampton 6/4 winning for VG Tips members

Single bets are more assured to return you profit. It matters not if the team are odds against to win or odds on. It’s profit! Beating the bookie is what it’s all about. By any means.

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