2017 at VG Tips. The results are in. Profitable punting for the 20th consecutive year.

2017 at VG Tips. The results are in. Profitable punting for the 20th consecutive year.

Each and every year I judge my success by the profit made over a period of 365 days. Not one day, week or month. But over the course of a calendar year.

Although I don’t suggest to members of VG Tips that they bet on every tip (I advise them to be selective with the selections), I have to base my own results on level stakes using one particular size of stake (although certain bets of mine were placed employing bigger stakes than a tenner, including on the Grand National winner).
Members of VG Tips, or any punter come to that, should only bet with sums they can afford to lose. It really does not matter if you bet with 50 pence, £1, £5 or much, much more. As long as you finish the year ahead of the bookmaker, you’re a profitable punter and you have made an additional annual income. Pat yourself on the back.

So it is that I base the return on investment on if someone had placed £10 on each tip.
Be that a £10 win bet on football or horse racing, or a £5 each way bet on the latter.

My profit for 2017 totalled £11.089.43.

One for Arthur. 40/1 ante-post winning tip for the 2017 Grand National

A welcome return to a five figure profit and a significant improvement on 2016 and one achieved through betting less often, not more. Being more targeted with bets and waiting for the right bet, not any old bet.
Any long term punter knows that annual profit will vary year on year, sometimes considerably so. Since 1998, I have enjoyed annual profit ranging from as little as £800, when betting with smaller stakes in the early days, to as high as £24.680.

Of course, some punters bet with smaller stakes. Others with larger sums. So some members will have made a greater profit than others in 2017.
Anyone placing £1 on each tip would have finished last year over a thousand pounds in profit. I know for a fact that some members have returned much more than I. That’s because they bet with bigger stakes than £10. Well done you!

It’s worth remembering that all profit is good profit. It means you beat the bookie.

cheltenham festival 2018

Come and join VG Tips in time for the Cheltenham Festival

That’s all that matters. Don’t be persuaded into betting with sums you cannot afford to lose. For in any year, in some months, we will lose. In 2017 I was in profit for nine months and suffered a loss in the other three. During those latter months some punters despair. I always feel bad for members who join in the ‘wrong’ month, only to quit just prior to a month of profit that delivered a greater sum than they might have lost previously. They are the unlucky ones. The impatient ones.

As I am fond of saying, patience is what you need to be a profitable punter.

I look upon my profitable punting as an additional annual income. I am not a high roller. As stated, I do not bet with big stakes. I bet with sums I am comfortable with. I’m happy just so long as I beat the bookie each year end. And, for the 20th consecutive year, I have. I am delighted with my personal returns in 2017.

If you want to be a resident of the home of profitable punting, join VG Tips here.


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