12/1 Sunderland to go down pre-season tip a winner for members of VG Tips

12/1 Sunderland to go down pre-season tip a winner for members of VG Tips

Sunderland sacked manager Chris Coleman on Sunday. Like it was his fault that Sunderland has for some time been been a dysfunctional football club owned by a man who could not care less and comprised of a set of footballers lacking in pride.

Why on earth Coleman took the job just before Christmas I never understood. Perhaps for the money. Or the pay off he’ll now likely receive. Every one in the game knew managing Sunderland was a poisoned chalice even before they were relegated from the Premier League a year ago. Did he get itchy feet? Had he been just a little more patient he might have been offered the job at Swansea, a club for which he made 160 appearances as a player, his most for any club. There were a couple of other Premier League vacancies he would have been in the frame for had he waited just a little longer.

Now Sunderland have been relegated for the second consecutive season. A development I predicted to members of VG Tips back in August 2017.

I got on them to be relegated to League 1 at odds of 12/1 and suggested VG Tips members might like to do the same. While I feel the pain of Sunderland supporters, I was happy to be paid out this past week.

Here’s what I told members on August 7th 2017:- “Playing a wild card here. Sunderland to go down for a second successive season at a best price of 12/1. Can’t resist that price. They strike me as a club in freefall.”

Chris Coleman, sacked by Sunderland FC

On the sacking of Coleman itself,  the Chief football writer of The Times newspaper Henry Winter said; “It’s a basket case of a club. It’s almost rotten from the top down. They need Ellis Short out, not Chris Coleman. Chris Coleman has been a man of substance. His sacking is disgraceful.”

Winter was speaking prior to Ellis Short revealing that he has struck a deal to sell the club to overseas owners who will have to cope with big running costs, but Short will sell the club to them free of debt free. The new owners clearly want a new manager. Who will they go for? Who would want to take what will now be a League 1 job? It can take a long time to get a club back to the top flight from there.

Chris Coleman would have been the ideal man to do that job if he had been able to get rid of overpaid, underachieving footballers. As it is, you’d think the likes of Everton will come calling for his services. Failing that, certain clubs in the Championship would be a good fit. Already there are rumours that Ipswich Town will try to persuade him to take over from Mick McCarthy. But that’s another club where the owner has been mean when it comes to giving the manager transfer market funds.

My Sunderland to go down 12/1 pre-season tip will be the biggest payout from last August, but it will not be the only one.

Wolves to go up from the Championship at odds of 5/1 was another tip to my loyal and lovely subscribers last summer. Another bet bookies have paid out on.

This summer is the World Cup in Russia. So my football tips will continue throughout the warmer months and then, this August, they will also receive my pre-season analysis and tips for the 2018-19 domestic season.

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